About Potts Point

Once a thriving hub for Sydney’s Bohemia

Potts Point is a small, affluent, and densely populated suburb of inner-city Sydney, Australia. Potts Point is located 3 kilometres east of the Sydney central business district and is part of the local government area of the City of Sydney.

Potts Point is named for Joseph Hyde Potts, who was employed by the Bank of New South Wales. He purchased six-and-a-half acres of harbourside land in an area then known as Woolloomooloo Hill – which he renamed Potts Point.

Potts Point was once a thriving hub for Sydney’s Bohemia. From the quiet residential streets of gorgeous Art Deco and Victorian homes to the busy, noisy and neon-lit streets of Kings Cross, Potts Point has it all, including an incredible café and dining culture with tantalising flavours from across the world

Potts Point has the highest concentration of Art Deco architecture in Australia
Eccentric and varied café, dining and nightlife culture, all within minutes of Sydney’s CBD

Whether by day or night, this neighbourhood loves to entertain.  
Foodies gravitate to Potts Point for the cafés and restaurants which boast tantalising flavours from around the world – many incorporating fine wines and cocktails. There is an eclectic mix of quirky little hole-in-the-wall places to restaurants offering boutique dining and featuring award-winning chefs. Locals hang out in Llankelly Place, a pedestrian alleyway off Darlinghurst Road to indulge in one of the many mouth-watering eateries.

Kings Cross, aka The Strip (once notorious for its underbelly vibe) has in recent times cleaned up its act. A place that thrives under the glow of the neon lights, Kings Cross is a locality within Potts Point that stretches from the oversized Coca-Cola billboard to the iconic El Alamein Memorial Fountain – a busy, noisy and crazy 24/7 locale that embraces characters from all over the world.

Potts Point is also home to The Garden Island facility of the Royal Australian Navy. This means that navy personnel from the large navy vessels docked in neighbouring Woolloomooloo Bay regularly frequent Potts Point.

Step away from The Strip and you will find a much calmer, slightly off-beat Potts Point which artists, poets, and musicians continue to haunt, inspired by the fluid bohemian lifestyle that has shaped this neighbourhood. There are cafés, restaurants and a variety of accommodation options ranging from budget backpackers to high-end boutique hotels amidst beautifully restored Art Deco apartments and Victorian houses